Friday, October 28, 2011

I pray you'll be happy with someone new :')

Now , my tears become rain and my cries become thunder . and the thunder that's breaking down my heart . I'm begging you , don't go.. please , don't leave me . you're everything for me . But now , even when my heart screams out like crazy , you can no longer hear me . Heaven , please don't block her path and please , don't let me call her name by mistake when she is not with me anymore . Oh love , please , no matter what , you must let the person go even everybody knows he is a good looking man for you .

My sigh becomes the wind and ,
it messes with my memories even i look for his seat ,
it doesn't change anything .
"I love you, yes I do love you"
The words that my lips have been hiding because
its become the words which i can no longer say .

My promise to protect you forever , but i don't think i can keep it as promised forever .
But ,

I pray you will be happy with someone new .
and it doesn't mean that i will try to forget you because you are the best thing i ever had in my life .
Goodbye , My Love ..